Thursday, April 26, 2007

Here is another reminder for my remainder readings in New York. Looking forward to these since I will be reading with friends. Gary's "Absurdistan" will be out in paperback. We share the same book cover designer, Christine Lee. For those of you who are looking for cool, sharp-eyed designers to gussy up your book, she's moving back to NY! Also looking forward to reading with Christian Hawkey, whose excellent Citizen Of has just come out. On the subject of covers, Christian has perhaps the most punk "Never Mind the Bollocks" book covers around. Am I done promoting?

Spoonbill and Sugartown Books
with Gary Shteyngart
Thursday, May 3, 7:00
218 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, NY

Academy of American Poets/Bryant Park Reading Series
with Christian Hawkey and Rachel Zucker
Tuesday, May 8, 6:00
Bryant Park

Speaking of promoting, I was a guest last week at Jordan Davis's Million Poems Show which I have been hearing about for quite some time but never actually eye-witnessed. It is actually hilarious but perhaps everyone knew that and I'm just late to the party. The reading opened with a Russian Futurist slam and the winner was given the prize option of a Georgia Review back issue or a toy rocket ship. When the winner reached for the toy rocket ship, Jordan slapped (well not literally) him away and said, "No that's for my son. Take the review." Hilarious!


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