Friday, August 31, 2007

Turns out there has been some cross-breeding between graphic novels and poetry.

Francois mentioned Gary Sullivan (the first two issues I'll have to check out) and Nick Bertozzi. My old student, Megan, mentioned Austin English. I also noticed that the latest issue of Paris Review has Monica Youn's series on Krazy Kat which I'll have to check out. Any other suggestions?


At 12:50 AM , Blogger François said...

Kenneth Koch's The Art of the Possible. And the aforementioned Gary Sullivan has also written a few pieces on the comic collaboration between Kenward Elmslie and Joe Brainard.

At 7:32 AM , Blogger Gary said...

Hi Cathy,

OMG, it’s like you erected a giant billboard on your blog saying “PLEASE FOR GOD’S SAKE GARY YOU BIG DORK COME OVER RIGHT NOW AND GEEK OUT FOR THE NEXT SEVENTEEN HOURS!”

You live in New York, right? So, pretty much everything I’ll list here, with a few exceptions, you can find at either Jim Hanley’s on 33rd Street just off 5th Avenue, or Forbidden Planet which is on, like, University and 12th? Or 13th? Something like that. Austin English works at Forbidden Planet, so you can ask him about any of this stuff if he’s around.

Richard Hahn’s Lumakick #1 and #2 are both beautiful, although I think #1 is out of print. He may have copies of #1 left, though – write to him at lumakick at gmail dot com. You can probably get #2 at either Forbidden Planet or Jim Hanley’s.

Rich also has a piece in Austin English’s new magazine, Windy Corners, which is also at FP & JH’s. For that matter, so does Austin.

Try to find Leah Hayes’ Holy Moly. It’s still available through Fantagraphics’ Web site if you can’t find it in town.

Check out Matt Madden's 99 Ways to Tell a Story, which is the comics version of Raymond Queneau’s Exercises in Style. Also look for Matt’s A Fine Mess #2, as it includes a comics sestina.

Karla Krupala’s Anatomy of Us is very short but great.

Jerel’s Machine Vision is also really fabulous, but harder to find. You might have to get it from his Web site,

Warren Craghead just published How to Be Everywhere, a comics bio of Apollinaire that uses the words of Apollinaire’s poetry. It’s insanely beautiful. Go to

The second issue of Josh Neufeld’s Vagabonds is devoted to collaborations with poets & writers, including one strip done with Eileen Myles.

The magazine Blurred Vision tends to run edgier & even poetic stuff. Three issues out. Brian Kim Stefans & I have a collaboration in issue #3. Go to

What else? Thomas Herpich’s Cusp. Anything by John Hankiewicz, especially his book Asthma. Parts of Kevin Huizenga’s Curses. Much by Souther Salazar. Ben Jones’ Horace, also his BJ and Da Dogs. (I think he’s now publishing under the name Paperrad or Paper Rad.)

There’s tons more. But I have to go to work now. If you want copies of Elsewhere 1-3, my own comic series, which is pretty much all just poetry comics, e-mail me at garypsullivan at gmail com with an address & I’ll send them along, or you can find them at FP or JH’s.

Gary Sullivan

At 7:35 AM , Blogger Gary said...

I forgot the most incredible book of all, Gary Panter's Jimbo in Purgatory. You have to check this one out! He collages text from Dante, Boccaccio, Chaucer, Joyce, Tiny Tim, etc., etc. The artwork is incredible. He also has Jimbo's Inferno, which I don't have yet.

Also, did I mention the French comcis artist Blutch? Try to find his book Mitchum on It's oustanding.

If you get to Forbidden Planet and talk with Austin, ask him if there are any more of Sakura Maku's books available. She's also great, and I think I forgot to mention her above. But her books are hard to find b/c she usually prints very small runs of them.

I think you'll like the Panter book a lot. It's the most Blakean thing I've seen, ever. Also, kind of the comics equivalent of maybe Alice Notley's Decent of Alette or even your own Dance Dance Revolution. I mean, kind of. Anyway, see what you think!

At 7:48 AM , Blogger Ed said...

Padgett/Brainard — ?!


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