Sunday, November 21, 2010

I might write a personal essay about the music I listened to when I was teenager in LA. I began tentative research (more an excuse to tumble my way down the nostalgia rabbit hole) and came across live footage of bands that played at my favorite scrappy under-age club, Jabberjaw, that’s now defunct.

Jabberjaw was a godsend for lonely, music-starved teenagers who couldn’t get into the 21 and over clubs. It cost five dollars to get in. They only served coffee and sodas and no one gave you attitude at the door. It was an especially welcoming—if grotty—place for geeky sixteen year olds. They had some great bands come and play during the 90’s: Unwound, Bikini Kill, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, The Gits, etc.

Here’s Bratmobile playing at Jabberjaw:


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