Tuesday, September 01, 2009

I have new poems in Octopus magazine. Arda Collins generously wrote a sterling opening for my poems. If you haven't read her It Is Daylight, go and link that sucker into your Amazon shopping cart right this hot second!

Also, some great poems by Heather Christie, Lynn Xu, Tony Tost, and many more.

Also, I just noticed Google Books has this "common terms and phases" excerpt where they cram together a paragraph's worth of the most commonly used words in a book, enlarging the font according to the frequency in which the word's been used. It's hilarious. For my DDR, "CHIHUAHUA" is huge while "teef" is also included in teeny tiny letters. Funnier is Translating Mo'um, where the largest words are "BOX WINE."

I looked up some other friends or poets I know and noted the funnier enlarged fonts (I'm clearly procrastinating from preparing for Fall semester).

Joyelle Mcsweeney: Cockatoos Morose
David Lau: Not-Appearing-in-This-Film
Lara Glenum: Oedipus Sock Monkey
Eugene Ostashevsky: Sextus Propetius
Matthea Harvey: Terror Gazelle
Shanxing Wang: Smart Dust

"Terror Gazelle" and "Smart Dust." That is an unhealthy mix of Cheney, Disney and Philip K. Dick. Although my favorite is "Oedipus Sock Monkey." I'm going to have to go back and see how many times this phrase appears in Lara's book.


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