Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The inestimable poet/critic Evie Shockley and I are guest editors for two issues of Jubilat and our first edited issue is out! Unfortunately, it's not online yet. This is a sugar plum of an issue. Highlights: Oni Buchanan's pyrotechnically assonantal "Maroon Canoe," Robyn Schiff's twisted and brilliant paean to Ralph Lauren, an interview with Peter Gizzi, Arda Collins' deadpan musings on heaven ("Heaven is a white formica table"), some beautiful urban poems by the German poet Steffan Popp, Lara Glenum's "post orifice" hang-ups in verse, and some undiscovereds like Jimmy Lo's underwater reveries and so much more. I read these submissions and and it made me want to brew some coffee and write. Or at least hum happily.


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